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Holiday Gift Bag Sets

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Skip the wrapping paper and go with reusable hand made bags!  Does your wrapping look horrible?  Are you sick of messing with tape?  

We have a limited quantity of handmade (by me) holiday bags for sale this year. 

These 100% cotton bags are so easy to use and washable.  Use for years to come!    You can order the bags with polyester ribbon or cotton twill tape.  The twill tape can be washed but the ribbon must be removed first.  It is easily reattached by fishing a safety pin through the top of the bag.

Please put in the notes whether you would like ribbons or twill.   We have the following colors:

Twill - red, blue, green, white, tan, black, and natural.

Ribbon- red, blue, green, silver, god, and white

Each bag comes with a repurposed tag made from old cards or cardboard.

Only a small selection of each material is available!

Sizes (approximate due to being hand made)

  • Small - 9 3/4 X 7 1/4 inches - fits cell phone, gloves, or soaps.
  • Medium - 11 3/4 X 11 1/4 inches - fits clothes or small box.
  • Large - 14 3/4 X 11 1/4 inches - fits an iPad (bag is lap top size).
  • Extra Large 15 3/4 X 16 1/4 inches- fits a large square game or shoe box.

Sets described below with corresponding letters:

A = 4 Blue Snow Bags, XL, LG, MD, SM




E =  4 Cotton Tree, 4XL

F =  4 Fabric Bags, XL, LG, MD, SM


H = 6 Red Snow Bags 2 XL, 1 LG, 3MD 

I =  3 Red/Black Plaid with Snow Flake, XL, LG, SM

J = 4 Pine Tree Flannel Bags, XL, LG, MD, SM

K = 4 Moose Flannel Bags, XL, LG, MD, SM


M = 4 Garden Gnome Flannel Bags, XL, LG, MD, SM


O = 4 Moose/Gnome/Plaid Animals XL, LG, MD, SM

P = 8 Avocado Bags, 3LG, 3MD, 2 Sm

Q = 9 Misc Fabrics all Small Bags

R = 4 XL Pine Tree Flannel Bags


T = 4 Gold bags XL, LG, MD, SM

U = 4 Hanukkah Bags, XL, LG, MD, SM