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Bulk Waxes - Per Ounce

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Bulk waxes are essential in a lot of DIY products and we even have a vegan wax if you prefer.  Make your own lip balm, lotion bars, and many different salves.  I personally prefer to use the vegan plant bases candelilla wax since the bees have been struggling for years now.

Order exactly what you need for your recipe!

White beeswax is organic but filtered more than the yellow.  It has a much milder wax smell and is good if you want to add coloring of keep light

Yellow beeswax is organic and has a very nice beeswax smell.  If you want a more "natural" looking product this works great.

Candellia wax is not white or yellow it is a beige and looks nice in lotion bars and lip balms.  It is made from boiling the Candelilla plant which is native to northern Mexico and southwestern United States.

Due to the melting point of wax we do not recommend shipping.