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Bulk Powder Laundry Soap - Per Ounce

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All Natural Laundry Soap Sold in Bulk!!!

Order by ounce weight - one ounce is approximately 2.7 loads so 18 ounces is 50 loads!

Only $0.37 per ounce!

Safe for regular and HE washers, septic systems, your pets, and your family.

Get the grime off, brightens whites, and softens clothes with only 5 ingredients.

Use 2 teaspoons per load in any temperature water.

Use 1 teaspoon for lightly soiled items.

*Keep out of reach of children and pets*


Sodium bicarbonate (Baking Soda) Sodium Carbonate (Super Washing Soda), Sodium Percarbonate (washing soda and hydrogen peroxide, i.e. oxyclean), Sapindus Saponaria Soap Berry Powder, Kosher Salt


Cruelty Free


Made in Akron, OH

Shipping in recycled and composable bag.

Unscented except for natural soap berry scent. Powder can linger in the air but is non-toxic.

*Refill in Bulk at Empty Bin Refillery in Canton, OH*



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