Please order online. We will be temporarily closing our brick and mortar store after Thanksgiving to help stop the spread of Covid19. Until them we are open daily from 11-5 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. 11-6 Thursday, 10-6 Saturday, Sunday and Monday 12-4. Use the code CURBSIDE to pick up your order.


Frequently Asked Questions



Is the store open?
Yes!  The store is open with regular hours for the public.  Wednesday - Friday 11am-5pm and Saturday 10-4pm.  Face masks are required.
Do you allow customers to bring in their own containers and bags?
Yes and Yes!  We encourage all of our customers to bring a bag and containers.  The containers must be empty and clean please.  We have a registered scale so that you only pay for the product and not the packaging!
Someone told me you take recyclables, do you?
We take back items through the Terracycle program.  Please visit the link for all items that we take.  
Do you offer any other shopping?
YES.  We have curbside pick up, in store pick up, online with shipping, and even some delivery!
Why are most items Vegan?
We believe strongly in the freedom of animals and not using them for our financial gain.  We currently have 4 items that have wax or use wool and are looking for alternatives.  We also only work with cruelty free ingredients.
Do you have other retail locations?
We are currently a part of Alley Cats Marketplace in New Philadelphia and have non bulk items available there.  If you have any other locations in mind please let us know!
Why are you selling locally and online?
We sell locally at markets and craft fairs to show the public what some of alternatives are to single use items.  We do this to build awareness to the pollution issues.  Plus people in Ohio are pretty awesome!  
    Empty Bin is selling online because access to zero waste items is currently difficult in the US.  We hope to change that in the future!
    Can you send my order as a gift? 
    Absolutely!  Our items make incredible gifts!  Just put a note that the items are gifts in the check out comments section.  We also have recycled note cards and, for no additional charge, we can put in a note of your choosing.  Just put this option in the checkout notes as well.
      What type of payments do you take?
      At our local markets we take cash or credit card.  Online we only accept credit cards or Paypal.
        How much is shipping?
        All items include a small handling fee.  Additional items are added by weight to the shipping total.  Please add items to the cart and choose shipping choice to see final shipping total.
        All of our packaging is post consumer recycled, recyclable, and/or compostable.
        Orders over $50 ship for free!!
        How long until I get my zero waste items?
        Items are fulfilled with in 3-5 business days and standard shipping with USPS is 3-5 day delivery.  
          Do you have a return policy?
          Empty Bin LLC does not issue refunds or accept returns but may offer exchanges if the item is defective with in 30 days of purchase. These exchanges are decided on a case by case basis. If it is determined that there is an error with the craftsmanship of an item Empty Bin LLC may offer to replace it for the same item.
          Bulk items are not returnable due to allergy concerns.  
            Please contact us if you are experiencing an issue with your purchases.
            How is your packaging zero waste?
            We want to incorporate zero waste into our lives as much as possible.  All of our tags and shipping envelopes are post consumer recycled craft paper that can be composted or recycled!  

              What does GOTS Certified mean?

              GOTS is the Global Organic Textile Standard.  More information can he found here .  All of our organic fabrics are GOTS certified.
              Do you make these yourself?

              Yes!  Currently most fabric items are hand made in Akron, Ohio.  

              Why do you pre-wash all material items?
              We make our items out of 100% cotton so if the material is not pre-washed before sewing it can shrink the final product which will change the dimensions listed in the details. Plus, some things get really weird if not pre-washed.  I use a home made, non toxic, hypoallergenic, non scented detergent.
              What cleaning instructions do I follow for the item I purchased?
              The cleaning instruction are on every products page near the bottom.  Please let us know if you need more information.

                Will you make something that is a special request or not listed?  The only special orders that we do are the Mama Pads.  We can change the amount of inserts if you would like.  Mama pad special orders do not ship out for 7-14 days.  Please email if you have order questions.

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