The Canton store will ONLY be opening for curbside pick up and personal shopping appointments starting on 5/27/20. See Below for details! If you would like to pick up an online order at the store use the code CURBSIDE for no shipping costs.

Covid-19 Procedures

Here is what we have done and will be doing to combat the coronavirus.

Our changes and home policies:

1.  We closed before we were told to (we could have actually stayed open due to the soap and other cleaners that we sell).  Our last day open was March 14th. The fact that this virus can be transmitted with no symptoms was a big factor in this decision.  On March 23rd we even stopped selling online.

2.  Since March 14th no one has entered my store but me.  No one enters our home.  Groceries (about every 1.5 weeks) are picked up curbside and cleaned before being stored, then counters, table, and door knobs are sanitized.  We are enjoying night walks so that we are not dodging other neighborhood walkers.

Our upcoming store, curbside, and shipping procedures:

1.  No cash sales, no exceptions.  Money is notorious for having germs.

2.  No store shopping without a face mask for anyone over the age of 2.

3.  No store shopping without a previously confirmed appointment.

4.  Stay home if you have a fever or are not feeling well.

5.  You may only fill your own container if you make a shopping appointment. The containers must also be empty, clean, and sanitized.

6.  Orders that include bulk for curbside pick up will include a $1 charge for a brand new, clean glass jar.  These are reusable so keep them for future uses.

7.  I and any employee will be wearing a mask for all appointments and    curbside pickup.

8.  The store will be cleaned in between customers to include door handles, credit card machine, scale, counters, spoons or measurement items, and any surfaces or items touched by the precious customer.  Our wipes are handmade with alcohol and scrap fabrics.  They are washed and reused. Our floor is mopped and the store is regularly cleaned with Sal's Suds.   

9.  We have hand sanitizer for customers in the front of the store and at the check out counter.

10. Our hands will be washed before and after cleaning and customers.

I hope that this helps ease any fears about our commitment to keeping ourselves and our customers safe.  Any covid -19 updates will be on this page.