The Canton store will ONLY be opening for curbside pick up and personal shopping appointments starting on 5/27/20. See Below for details! If you would like to pick up an online order at the store use the code CURBSIDE for no shipping costs.

Bulk Stock List

We have a large selection of bulk items at the store located at 310 4th St NW, Canton, OH 44702.  All of the bulk items we have are cleaners, soaps, shampoos, or ingredients.  Please bring your own container to bulk shop at the store. Containers must be empty, clean and sanitized.  If you can fill it we can weigh it; baggie, Tupperware, used but clean jar, etc.  All bulk is priced by ounce weight not volume.

How to buy bulk items:

Step 1. Get a tare weight at the counter.

Step 2. Get product with clean utensil.

Step 3. Put product in your container.

Step 4. Write code  # on your container.

Step 5. Get weight to check out.

Here is our bulk stock list.  Current and updated on 5/11/2020

Witch Hazel $0.54

Rose Water $1.05

Sweet Almond Oil $0.34

Avocado Oil $0.68

Golden Jojoba Oil $1.92

Glycerin $0.17

Apricot Kernel Oil $0.49

Dr Bronner Soap Mild Unscented $0.53

Dr Bronner Lavender $0.53

Dr Bronner Rose $0.53

Dr Bronner Almond $0.53

Dr Bronner Tea Tree $0.53

Dr Bronner Citrus Orange $ 0.53

Dr Bronner Peppermint $0.53

Dr Bronner Eucalyptus $0.53

Sals Suds $0.46

Hand Soap Unscented $0.49

Hand Soap lavender $0.49

Hand Soap Lemon & Eucalyptus $0.49

Mask for Oily Skin $3.99

Mask for Dull Skin $3.99

Mask for Sensitive Skin $3.99

Dry Shampoo $6.49

Tooth Powder $1.99

Charcoal Tooth Powder $3.35

Shampoo $0.59

Conditioner $0.61

Mango Butter $0.49

Coco Butter $0.88

Coconut Oil Organic & Extra Virgin $0.55

Coconut Oil - 92 degrees $0.30

Shea Butter Organic & Virgin $0.49

Sea Clay $1.30

Bentonite Clay $0.23

Kaolin Clay $0.46

Moroccan Clay $1.94

Rhassoul Clay $1.32

Kaolin Rose Clay $1.62

French Green Clay $1.49

Fine and Coarse Pink Himalayan Salt $0.88

Dead Sea Salt $0.36

Epsom Salt Coarse $0.20

Epsom Salt Fine $0.24

Pumice $0.52

Pine Resin $2.00

Borax $0.08

Lavender Flowers $1.24

Xanthan Gum $1.56

Citric Acid $0.35

Turmeric $0.44

Activated Charcoal $1.62

Arrowroot $0.43

Baking Soda $0.06 

Super Washing Soda $0.12

Xylito $0.94

Organic White & Yellow Wax $1.15

Candelilla Wax - Vegan $1.59

Soap Berries $0.99

Charcoal for water filtering $4.83- $5.26

Body Lotion $0.85 

Body Wash $0.56 

Organic Sunflower Oil $0.96

Aloe Vera Gel $0.99

Organic Hemp Seed Oil $2.13

Organic Fair Trade Natural Cocoa Wafers $0.88

Organic Deodorized Cocoa wafers $0.88

Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil $0.97

Empty Bin Laundry Detergent $0.37

Liquid Laundry Soap $0.35