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Stainless Steel Straw - Classic Size

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Help end the pollution of plastic straws. These stainless straws are durable and fashionable. Take them to work, gatherings, restaurants, and even the bar. Show that you care for the environment with every sip from this durable straw.


Stainless steel straws are a sustainable alternative to plastic and paper straws.  These straws will not rust or scratch, and are dishwasher safe.  If cleaned properly these straws can last many years. Straws are made of food grade 304 stainless steel and the ends are curved slightly for safety. Good for all ages.

Types of straws:

  • 10.5 Inch long straight straw
  • 10.5 Inch long bent straw
  • 9.5 Inch long straight straw
  • 9.5 Inch long bent straw
  • 8.5 Inch long straight straw
  • 8.5 Inch long bent straw
  • Straw opening is approximately 3/16 wide.

Cleaning instructions:

  • Cleaning with a brush and warm soapy water is recommended if the straw was used with dairy, fruit, or sugar drinks.  
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Can place in boiling water for extra tough cleaning. 

Made in China

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