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Bamboo Face Rounds

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Are you still using cotton balls or disposable makeup items?  This is such an easy switch to make.  This kit comes with 16 bamboo reusable rounds, a wash bag, and a bamboo storage container.

Effectively to remove your waterproof makeup and help to reduce the waste from the disposable.

These reusable pads are fit for the most dry, sensitive or oil skin and delicate eye area, not only for women, its also the perfect gift for men and babies. 


  • Dry before storing
  • Machine wash and dry in the bag provided
  • Use with regular face cleaners
  • 70% bamboo
  • 30% cotton

***Allergy Warning***

**Latex Allergy**  Bamboo Fibers are "glued together" with a natural latex.  Please see our handmade face pads for another option.