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Bulk Face Mask - Per Ounce

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There is nothing that feels better than getting a mask and being able to change it any time you want without buying another.  How?  By mixing your masks as you use them, you avoid the need for preservatives.

How to use?  Take a small amount - 1 tablespoon and add your desired liquid just a little at a time until you have reach your desired consistency.  Come up with your own of use face toner, aloe vera, witch hazel, diluted apple cider vinegar, coconut milk, herbal tea or just plain water - you can get many different benefits all from one face mask powder.

Rub paste onto face in a slow circular motion. Let sit for 10 minutes before removing with damp washcloth. Ingredients:

Oily Skin -kaolin clay, ground oats, French green clay, seaweed powder

Sensitive Skin -kaolin clay, ground oats, ground dried lavender buds, ground dried chamomile flowers, Brazilian purple clay

Dull Skin - kaolin clay, ground oats, Australian pink clay, ground dried hibiscus

Sold by the ounce and shipped in a compostable bag.