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Coffee Filters

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Better tasting coffee, better for the environment, and better for you!  We absolutely love our coffee filters.  They just make sense! They are organic, money saving, eco-responsible, and oh, that coffee is so good.  These are easy to use. Just make sure the serged edge is on the outside (don't want coffee grinds stuck in that seam) and make your coffee as you would normally.  No more paper waste and if you are still using bleached paper you are not getting the full great taste of your coffee.

The filters stain to a nice coffee patina.  The ones pictured have been used for 3-4 weeks.


  • Organic cotton muslin
  • Foodsafe
  • Sold in a pack of three

Cleaning Instructions:

  • Empty coffee grounds in trash or compost.
  • Rinse in sink with cold water.
  • Hand Dry
  • When a deeper cleaning is needed put in washing machine.
  • Always hang to dry.
  • Do not use softener, or bleach. 

Will last 1 year dependent on use and care.

Made in Akron, Ohio