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Dry Bulk Muslin Bags

Regular price $16.00

So you have veggie bags but what about a great reusable bag for grains and rice.  These bags are made of 100% natural cotton muslin with 100% natural cotton twill tape. The bags are long lasting with the seams on the outside.  

What do I use these for?  Rice, beans, coffee, flour, and granola.  You can use these for veggie bags too.  Even gift bags!

One set includes:

  • 1- 8" x 12" small bag
  • 1- 14" x 12" medium bag
  • 1 - 17" x 12" large bag

    Wash and dry in any temperature.  Pre washed before sewing.  Bleach and fabric softener not recommended.

    Made proudly by the owner in a small bedroom in Akron, Ohio