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Did you know that loofah was a plant that you can grow and harvest!!!  Totally natural and safe for our bodies.  You can even use these as pot scrubbers.

Full Piece Body Loofah Details:

  • gently exfoliates skin
  • lasts 6-8 months of daily use
  • can be used for cleaning around your home too
  • vegan + cruelty-free
  • compostable
  • comes unpackaged
  • dried loofah plant
  • 4” long

Flat Piece Details:

These all natural loofahs are great for cleaning pots or a great exfoliant in the shower or bath.  They expand when wet and each on is a little different. 

The loofahs come in a pack of three or you can buy just one.  Use one for the bath on the smoother side and one for the pots with the rougher side.

Since these are natural products they will mold if not allowed to dry.  I recommend making a hole and hanging the loofah.  You can wet and microwave the loofah to kill any bacteria.  A three pack should last 3-5 months with allowing to dry.


  • Natural unbleached loofah
  • Approximately 3 x 5 inches
  • Will enlarge when wet
  • Ships package free 
  • Compostable at end of life

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