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How to directions for Soap Berry liquid and laundry use.

Posted by Teresa Mazey on

What are Soap Nuts?

The soap berry tree is deciduous and can grow 60 feet tall with a trunk girth of 9-15 feet in 70 years and prefers tropical and subtropical condition and is native to Nepal.  Soap nuts or soap berries are the fruits of the tree Sapindus mukorossi. The part of the nut or berry that is used is the shell, which is somewhere between a berry and a nut shell. It contains a natural soap or saponin which is released into water during washing.

What is the soap like?

The soap that is releases is a mild, yet effective cleaner suitable for all kinds of cleaning.

What are the they used for?

Some examples of soap berry uses are are laundry, shaving cream, window cleaner, face wash, and a basic cleaner. The Nepalese people have used the liquid from soap berries as a shampoo for 100's of years. The soap nuts have a PH between 4 and 6 depending on how concentrated the berry is. The tree can be found in India, China, Hawaii, and Florida.
 Dust free, Moist free, Reusable, Eco-Friendly.
5 berries in a bag for laundry.
8 berries per one cup of water for liquid cleaners.


Laundry Instructions

For warm or hot temperature laundering:

Place 5 soap berries in a small reusable muslin bag.  Muslin is a thin fabric and allows the soap to be released.  Place the bag of berries in the washing machine for all cycles. Take out and dry when not being used.   The bag can be reused 6-10 times.  The soap berries will a lighter color and brittle when all of the soap is gone.

For a cold temperature laundry: 

Place 5 soap berries in a small reusable muslin bag.  Muslin is a thin fabric and allows the soap to be released.  Place the bag in a cup of hot water to loosen the soap on the berries for a few minutes then add the berries and the tea you just made directly in the washing machine.


Make a liquid that can be used for cold water laundry and other cleaners.

To make a liquid you will need 1 cup of water and 8 soap berries (if you want to make more just double it to 2 cups and 16 berries) this makes 1 cup of cleaner.  Boil the water, place the berries in the boiling water, stir, put pot lid on, turn OFF the burner, and let the berries sit for at least one hour.  Using a sifter, put the liquid in a tight lidded container and let the soap berries dry for reuse. You can reuse them two more times ( a third time may work but you will need to squeeze the warm berries).  The liquid will last at least two weeks if refrigerated and maybe a week if not.

Liquid uses:

3 tablespoons per one load of laundry
1 part water and 1 part berry liquid for a standard cleaner

More info coming as more testing is completed.





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